Bible Studies – What Are They and How Can They Help Me?

Have you ever sat down with your Bible open, ready to read God’s Word and learn what He wants you to learn, only to find that you don’t know where you should start reading? Or, maybe you know where to start reading, but as you read through the scriptures, you don’t really understand what’s going on?

Don’t be discouraged. The Bible isn’t an easy read by any means. If it were, more people would have read it by now. It’s filled with so many complicated words, extremely long passages about people’s lineage, and underlying meanings that can make learning its Truth seem so overwhelming.

That’s where Bible studies come in. Bible studies are written to help people more clearly understand and learn from the Bible. The authors of most Bible studies spend countless hours wading through scriptures and studying related biblical material so they can teach people what’s in the Bible and what it all means, in a more easy-to-understand format.

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Bible studies are great because they allow people to get an in depth look at specific parts of the Bible while helping them understand the meaning of scriptures they might not have otherwise understood. A typical Bible study usually consists of a workbook of some kind and maybe even a CD or DVD to encourage active participation. They ask the reader to read some sort of engaging text about a certain part of the Bible and then have them answer some reflective questions about what they learned. Sometimes these questions are sprinkled throughout each chapter of the Bible study and sometimes there’s a series of them at the end of each chapter or section.

Usually, Bible studies are written about a particular part of the Bible. There are studies about the life of Jesus, about the women of the Bible, about the prophets, and many, many other biblical categories. Completing one of these Bible studies allows you to hone in on certain parts of the Bible and learn about them more intimately so you can understand and even tell others.

Most Bible studies are designed to last for a certain length time such as four weeks, eight weeks, or even three months or a year. How long Bible studies last depends on the topic they cover and how detailed the author wants to get with the information they’ve included. The great thing about this, is that no matter what type of Bible studies you prefer, you can find some that suit your reading style and the level to which you want to delve into a biblical subject.

As Christians, we have the job of going into all the world and preaching the gospel. In other words, we are to share God’s love and His willingness to forgive with those who have yet to accept these gifts from Him. The proof that these gifts exist and that people need only ask for them lies all throughout the pages of the Bible. By participating in Bible studies, you allow yourself to become more familiar with God’s Word so you can ultimately go out and share it with others.

And now I’d like to invite you to visit: [] to see an example of an online Bible study called “Crowns of Many Colors” written by Jessica Martinez. Jessica is a Christian author and marketing copywriter with a passion for teaching people just how much God loves them by offering easy to understand, light, conversation style Bible studies that allow her readers to learn biblical truths and apply them to their every day lives in the 21st century. Jessica also started, and administers, the “God’s Chosen Princess” fan page on Facebook.



What Qualifies Agencies When Processing Resident Visa In NZ

New Zealand is just a small country in the eastern part of Australia, however, it is known for its abundant supply of natural resources. New Zealand has been featured in many films directed by Peter Jackson, which makes it famous among many people all around the world. The country is also included in the list of top places to visit all around the world. Its environment provides opportunities for its residents and visitors to explore the nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Not only does New Zealand offer a good place for travel but retirement as well.

Schengen Visa Fee

New Zealand is a country known to be very hospitable to its visitors and immigrants. Although it is one among many countries which is under populated, the media is successfully promoting the place through newsprint and magazines. Many visa processing agencies in the country take advantage of these promotions and come up with the best services that could help people who want to migrate or work here.

Choosing the right visa processing firm is not that easy, because there are many firms out there that offer similar services but differ in quality. For the applicants of a resident visa, NZ authorities provide help and warning in choosing the right firm.

A visa processing agency is qualified to offer services if it is a registered agent of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in Australia, it has license from Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) in New Zealand, it is a registered member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), licensed to process Australian visas, and licensed to process New Zealand visas.

Aside from having all the licenses required to be a qualified agent, a visa processing firm should be able to provide an array of services to the immigrant as there are different types of visas applied in New Zealand such as the resident visa, skilled migrant visa, and the working visa. A good visa processing firm should be able to provide services to any type of visa to avoid long and complicated process from different firms.

Additionally, this processing firm should be able to provide additional help such as helping in filling out the forms, giving advice in determining the appropriate visa to be applied, informing applicants about visa eligibility, helping in the pre-migration assessment, and others. It should be able to prove that it is a credible and reliable firm that is not only running after the money of the client.


Wisconsin Casinos, The Top Three

I have been gambling in Wisconsin since I was 16 years old! I snuck in for two years straight. After legally gambling at the age of 18 for a few months they moved the age limit up to 21. So I was forced to sneak in for a few more years. I only played blackjack. I hate slots and it would be my luck to hit a jackpot and not be able to claim it because I was under age. So, since the age of 16 I have played at nearly every casino in Wisconsin. I am a diehard gambler and many times when I was just 16 I would drive 2 hrs to Ho Chunk casino. All the time at risk of not getting in as I was only 16!


So lets start with my favorite and move down.

1. Oneida Bingo and Casino in Greenbay WI.

Oneida is like Las Vegas in Wisconsin. Well not quite, but they do have nearly all the games Vegas offers. Blackjack, Craps, Let it Ride, Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Bingo, POKER! And a sports book. Poker and the Sports book are just down the road at their Mason St casino and you can take a shuttle back and forth. Oneida is one of the only casinos in Wisconsin to offer all of these games.

2. Potowotomi Bingo and Casino

The “Pot” has Blackjack and Craps, Let it Ride, Roulette and POKER. They are however always packed. Located near downtown Milwaukee and being a newer casino they are always busy. It can be difficult to get on a table. They do have a nice little poker room. They also have some great food at the “Firepit” sporstbar and grill.

3. HoChunk Bingo and Casino in Wisconsin Dells

“The Chunk” was great for a while. At one time they had the first poker room in Wisconsin. And they had a variety of games for a while. When it came time to pay Uncle Sam they decided it wasn’t worth it. So they lost the poker room and variety of table games. Now they just have Blackjack, Slots and Bingo. It is a great casino to visit when vacationing in the Dells, but if driving from Milwaukee I would choose the 2-hour drive to Oneida over “The Chunk”.